Call to Artists & Creative Organizations!

Artists of all mediums are welcomed to apply along with creative organizations (for & non-profit). Call for Food Trucks, Chalk Artists, Entertainment Stage and Featured Artist will be posted in the coming months. Join our email newsletter to be updated as those are posted! 

Applications for 2018 Vendors is NOW CLOSED
THOUGH you can sign up for the WAIT LIST!

WAIT LIST: Handmade artisans may sign up through the form below to be considered for our wait list.

What does this mean? Artists that applied before the deadline and were wait listed have first priority. Artists that fill out the form below will be considered if a spot remains open and must pay the $10 application and booth fee at time of acceptance, if the situation arises. All communications are via email and we only contact those applicants if a spot opens. Booth fees and rules are at the bottom of this page. 

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Celebrate your creativity! With over 4000 in attendance (and growing!), ArtFest of the Miami Valley is the place to be!

  • A 10x15 foot space. Vendor brings all necessary equipment.
    $100.00 fee. 
    • Organizations are required to have a vendor tent. A pop-up tent does suffice. Each leg must be tied to a 20 lb weight to prevent damage from wind. Tents will be located on grass alongside a concrete walking path for guests. All tables and chairs are at the organization’s responsibility.
  • A 10x10 foot space.  Under provided exhibition tent $125.00
    • A 10x10 foot space will be provided under the exhibition tent. 
    • Note, no walls are included though artists may bring in other displays to divide out their space.  
  • NON-PROFIT: A 10x10 foot space.  Vendor brings all necessary equipment.
    $30.00 fee.  USE CODE: NONPRO2018 to waive $10 application fee.
    • Organizations are required to have a vendor tent. A pop-up tent does suffice. Each leg must be tied to a 20 lb weight to prevent damage from wind. Tents will be located on grass alongside a concrete walking path for guests. All tables and chairs are at the organization’s responsibility.

  • a.      These rules and regulations apply to all vendors and participants of the festival.

    b.      Event is ‘Rain or Shine’ and will not be rescheduled.

    i.          No refund will be made.

    c.       Those who do not show to participate at the event may be banned from future ArtFest dates.

    i.          No refund will be made.

    d.      Festival times for the public is 11 am to 6 pm.

    i.          Participants will be required to be ready by 10:45 am.

    ii.        Participants will be required to be cleared from the park by 7:30 pm.

    iii.      Sales may only be conducted between festivals hours while on the premises.

    e.      ArtFest reserve the right to require any participant to vacate the premises immediately with cause but not limited to:

    i.          Misrepresentation of products or services.

    ii.        Misconduct or not abiding to the rules and regulation.

    f.        Artisans should be actively working on their product or be able to share (in visual terms) the processes they take to make the items they are selling. This festival is meant to educate and breed appreciation for the arts.

    g.      No alcoholic beverages may be sold or consumed on the festival or park premises. This includes but is not limited to control substances.

    h.      Participants are expected to clean up their assigned areas and care for the park. Trash should be disposed in the proper reciprocals. Participants that leave any unnecessary trash or items behind may not be allowed to participate in future.

    i.        All items, signage and equipment must be within the provided space. No items may be placed on the concrete path or disturb the flow for the guests.

    j.        Organizations may not ‘call to crowds’ or market outside of their provided space. No loud music.

    k.       Booth sharing is allowed though all vendors must apply. Subletting after acceptance is prohibited. 

    l.        All booths must have visible signage and contact information for guests.

    m.    Set up schedule, map and assigned space will be sent via mail by August 15, 2018.

    n.      Organizations arriving before or after the time stated will not be allowed on the grounds.  Arriving on the assigned time is important.

    o.      Vendors are responsible for their own cash and secure check or credit card processing. ArtFest will not have change.

    p.      Providing bags or gift wrapping for products (or projects, if applicable) is the responsibility of the vendor.